Surf Lessons

Now Hiring in Long Island


Many people do this as a part-time job as they go to school or work full-time behind a desk. If your schedule get’s too busy, we can put your profile on pause until you’re ready! Surf instruction is very flexible. You can easily schedule lessons on weekends or nights. Lessons are scheduled at your local resorts. You will be able to speak to your client before meeting them to confirm times and location.


We operate out of beaches throughout the country. We do not own facilities. If hired, you will meet your student at the beach in/near your town where permissible. If you saw an ad, it means we are trying to fill openings at your local beach. Payment Payments are issued weekly. You may either request a check in the mail or a PayPal payment. You will set this up after your first session.

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Beginner Intermediate (know the basics) Advanced Advanced and Experienced in training
Primary School High School Diploma Some College Bachelors Degree Graduate / Masters Degree

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